Around 100 persons have taken part today at the Smart Train Day, a conference devoted to implementing the smart concept to the railway transport sector and organised by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya and the contribution of Siemens and IDP as the event scientific secretariat.

During the conference, formally opened by Ricard Font, secretary of Infrastructures and Mobility of the Generalitat de Catalunya Territorial and Sustainability Department, and closed by Enric Ticó, president of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, the implementation of the efficiency and sustainability concepts to metropolitan rail was analyzed. Also was the use of social networks for customer’s information discussed as well as the smart train model FGC intends to back.

The speakers who have participate at Smart Train Day are Phil Young, head of the Transport for London Data Processing Department, who emphasized the importance of opting for a digital strategy based on the user’s experience to keep a constant communication with the service’s customers, Juan Carlos Antón García, Siemens Rail Automation Mass Transit Marketing Account Manager, and Paloma Cucala and Antonio Fernández, coordinator and investigator of  the Área de Sistemas Ferroviarios of the Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica (ITT) of the Universidad de Comillas, spoke about best practices, featuring the advanced management of the energetic network (GSE)  that enables online action with immediate results in terms of energetic savings and Enric González, director of FGC Corporative Data Processing, Organization and Systems, pointed out that all efforts have to head for transporting more travelers in less time and on time, adjusting the transport capacity to the requested demand and do so in a safe, quick and efficient way without a loss of service quality.

In his closing speech, FGC president Enric Ticó stressed the importance of keep working to put the ideas and the technology at the persons’ service, to make their lives easier, and also at the companies service, enabling them to become more intelligent and more sustainable. He also emphasized that this challenge led to FGC promoting this conference with the prospect of turning it into a model of smart experiences exchange in the rail transport sector.


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