The Minas Gerais Government, thru the Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Development Agency (ARMBH), in cooperation with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the IDP Ferreira Rocha Consortium, celebrated on Tuesday July 1st, at the BDMG Auditorium in Belo Horizonte, the II Workshop ‘Building the Bulky and Construction Waste (RCCV), and the Sanitary Waste (RSS) at the RMBH and the Metropolitan area’.

The event goals were to present the preliminary results of the Sanitary, Construction and Bulky waste analysis, on the basis of the collected data at secondary bases, as well as the obtained information thru surveys, that were sent to defined waste management groups of the municipalities belonging the RMBH, in order to obtain more information and suggestions to improve the final diagnosis, that will be the basis for the elaboration of the RSS and RCCV Master Plan of the RMBH and Metropolitan area.

At the Workshop opening, the General Director of the ARMBH, Saulo Carvalho, highlighted the State Government and the RMBH Agency compromise to discuss, in a participative and shared way, the common interest public policies, such as the elaboration of the plan.

Saulo Carvalho also presented the role of the RMBH Agency for the metropolitan solid waste management, including the metropolitan agreement and the integrated development Master Plan (PDDI – RMBH), that contains the guidelines for the integrated development of Belo Horizonte and its Metropolitan area.

The event:

The event was divided in two blocks, one in the morning and another one in the afternoon. In both blocks, the topics that were covered included the role of the ARMBH for the metropolitan solid waste management, the waste management Master Plan and its role at the municipal and regional planning, and the presentation and discussion of the preliminary data of the RSS diagnosis.

In the morning sessions, these topics focused to sanitary waste and in the evening sessions, they focused on construction and bulky waste, in Belo Horizonte and its Metropolitan area.
The event counted with the participation of approximately 120 persons.

The project:

The project includes the 50 municipalities that belong to the MRBH, and foresees the development of participative and collaborative processes between the public and private sector and the civil society.

The goal is to enlarge the efficiency of the public services that are related to the sustainable, integrated and regionalized RSS and RCCV management, to strength, specially the no generation, the reuse, the recycling, the logistics, the selective collection, the appropriate elimination and treatment alternatives, directed to cause improvement on the life quality, the public health preservation and to keep an equilibrated environment with the societies economic development.


2 workshop – RCCV – I

2 workshop – RCCV – II

2 workshop – RSS – I

2 workshop – RSS – II


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