The entry into force of the Organic Law 3/2007, of May 22 for the Effective Equality of Women and Men, the Community Directives (2002 / 79CE and 2004/113 / CE) have involved in IDP the need to implement a Plan of Equality and Labor Insertion that adopts different measures in relation to the right of effective equality of treatment of opportunities in our organization between women and men, through the elimination of discrimination and inequalities of women, the elimination of obstacles and stereotypes that prevent achieving it, through the prevention of discriminatory behaviors and the right to conciliation of personal, family and work life.

As stated in the Workers’ Statute in Article 4.2, workers have the right to respect their privacy and due consideration of their dignity, including protection against harassment on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, and against sexual harassment and / or sex.

With this, after a previous diagnosis and promoting collective bargaining through the IDP Equality Commission, a Plan for Equality and Labour Insertion is proposed with different measures of positive action to achieve effective and real equality between women and men in the labour relations, without any discrimination, framed within the Corporate Responsibility of the company.


The present Plan of Equality and Labor Insertion will serve as protocol of action for all the members of IDP, favoring always situations of equity, respect and guaranteeing the real and effective equality between women and men through positive actions avoiding any type of discrimination:

The objectives pursued by the Plan for Equality and Employment Insertion of IDP are the following:

  • Promote and encourage the permanence in employment of women.
  • Enhance internal training in the company without discrimination, facilitating the professional development of all employees.
  • Sensitize and train all members in matters of equality regardless of position or position.
  • Increase the balance of the workforce to avoid inequality by gender.
  • Guarantee legal and conventional measures to reconcile work, family and personal life of workers.
  • Eliminate all forms of discrimination, direct or indirect, that may exist in the company those arising from maternity and family responsibilities.
  • Prevent and avoid situations of harassment that could occur in the workplace through a prevention and detection protocol.
  • Disseminate within our workers a channel to report situations of inequality, discrimination and / or harassment.
  • Provide the staff with a space for suggestions where they can provide ways of prevention and action to achieve real equality.
  • Integrate the gender perspective in the Human Resources management of the company.
  • Disseminate a business culture committed to equality and non-discrimination, involving the entire Organization: Company Management, Intermediate Managers and workers.
  • Ensure adequate monitoring of the situation of equality in IDP and of the proposed measures.


In compliance with the Organic Law 3/2007, IDP has made a diagnosis of the situation of equality according to the following principles:

  • Principle of equal treatment between men and women.
  • Principle of non-discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, and against sexual harassment.
  • Principle of prohibition of sexual harassment and/or violence.
  • Principle of indemnity against retaliation.

With this, it can be stated that in recent years different policies on equality and labor insertion have been incorporated into IDP, in accordance with the previous principles, and access to the company has been analyzed in terms of labor promotion, remuneration, conciliation and considering the current actions to prevent violence and / or harassment as set out in our policies.

To this end, an Equality Commission has been set up to carry out these policies, periodic meetings, evaluation and follow-up.


To achieve the objectives established in this Plan, different actions have been considered, because of the analysis of the diagnosis of the IDP situation and the negotiation of the Equality Commission.

For this purpose, the following areas are established, and their corresponding measures are synthesized:

  1. Culture and equality policy.
    1. Measurements:
      1. Present the Welcome Manual to all new incorporations.
      2. Sensitize, raise awareness, communicate and train the entire staff to become aware of the benefits of real and effective equality in the company.
      3. Establish a protocol of communication and permanent feedback between our company accessible to the entire staff with the aim of continuously improving the plans.
      4. Adopt and give an example from the Top Management of IDP, on a personal basis, of conciliation measures to raise the awareness of the staff of the importance they have in the corporate culture of the company.
  2. Selection, Hiring, Training and Professional Development.
    1. Measurements:
      1. Fulfill the Protocol of Selection and Hiring, which guarantees a non-sexist language, equity when selecting candidates without exclusion for reasons of sex or other type of discrimination (gender, age, culture …).
      2. Apply the People Management Plan through which internal talent is identified and training and development programs are established for the entire workforce without any discrimination.
      3. Establish specific Training Programs and develop Management Skills in favor of the less represented gender in the case of equality of merits.
      4. Encourage the increase of the presence of women in positions of greater responsibility in the areas in which they are underrepresented, if they meet the requirements and merits required and required.
      5. Establish Collaboration Agreements with Professional Centers and Universities to carry out student internships by applying positive actions (students of less represented gender by age, areas to be covered …).
      6. Hire unemployed or at risk of social exclusion.
      7. Review of the performance evaluation system with the objective of guaranteeing equal opportunities and non-discrimination between women and men of the entire workforce.
  3. Retribution.
    1. Measurements:
      1. Comply with current regulations on equal pay.
      2. Advise those workers who are victims of wage discrimination and disclosure of their rights.
  4. Reconciliation of personal, family and work life.
    1. Measurements:
      1. Publish on the corporate intranet the family, personal or work-related reconciliation measures accessible to the entire workforce, including:
        • Work calendar with flexible and / or personalized schedule.
        • Measures of paternity and maternity.
        • Possibility of request of leave with permanence of the job.
        • Geographical or sectorial mobility.
  5. Occupational health.
    1. Measurements:
      1. Prepare an Occupational Risk Prevention document on an annual basis that ensures preventive measures that include specific actions in case of pregnancy and lactation that adjust to the current work reality.
  6. Prevention of violence and/or harassment.
    1. Measurements:
      1. Present to the entire staff the Protocol of Action in cases of violence and/or harassment that facilitates prevention.
      2. Dissemination to the entire staff of badges against gender violence, encouraging visualization by all workers.
      3. Facilitate the change of work center and / or work shift to victims of gender violence, as far as possible and if the operation and organization allow it.
      4. Promote the hiring of women victims of gender violence, provided that the skills required for the position coincide with the profiles of these in each specific case.


The IDP Equality Commission will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating each of the actions previously proposed.


This Plan is applicable in each one of the IDP Work Centers and will come into force the day after the signature of the members of the IDP Equality Commission.


The validity of this Plan will be 4 years. However, the IDP Equality Commission estimates that all the measures that comprise it will be reviewed and evaluated biannually, to close them and evaluate the preparation of new ones.

January 9, 2018