At IDP we are aware that the future must be based on the satisfaction of the parties involved, on the protection of the environment, on the improvement of energy efficiency and on the health and safety of the people involved, and we are committed to this:

  • Identify and meet the expectations of our stakeholders, as well as the legal requirements applicable to our activities in all areas and with any other commitment we voluntarily acquire.
  • Strive for the continuous improvement of our activities with the aim of increasing the satisfaction of our stakeholders, minimizing the risks to our workers, preventing the pollution of our environment and improving energy efficiency by using the Best Available Techniques.
  • Commitment to the consultation and participation of workers.
  • Commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to OSH.
  • Guaranteeing the availability of information and resources necessary to achieve the objectives.
  • Supporting the improvement of energy performance in design activities, product purchasing and service subcontracting.

To this end, we promote a management culture based on the quality of our activities, the health and safety of our workers, environmental protection and energy efficiency.

This policy serves as a reference framework for the management and improvement of our activities. We urge all our collaborators to support this policy and to carry out their work in accordance with the commitments contained therein.

Jaime Polo Villafaina

Managing Director


February 2020