At IDP Digital we create technological solutions focused on the Digitalization and Automation of the life cycle processes of an Industry, Infrastructure or Building.

O&M Digital Management

Digital tracking of the exploitation of an asset, for which we digitize the asset and integrate it: on one hand with the existing tools for maintenance (Gmao), operation (Scada) and security (Prl) and, on the other hand, with the existing sensorization and new IoT, building the digital twin of the asset in the cloud, which will be simulated to apply the improvements in the real asset.

Asset Digital Information

Assets Digitalization in order to inventory them, manage the spaces and be the basis for their subsequent integration with facility management tools (Gmao).

Construction Digital Management

Digital monitoring of the construction process, for which we integrated the BIM model, on one hand, with the planning tools (4D) and budget (5D) and, on the other hand, with work task management tools (BimCollab), creating a truly collaborative and digital work in the cloud.

All solutions and services

  • VR and AR for dissemination and training.
  • Data analysis through dashboards and alerts.
  • Data capture of the existing sensor and new IoT.
  • Artificial intelligence by integrating simulation and prediction algorithms.